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Siren hidden because of glass

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I'm new to this modelling scene, I managed to port a GTA IV vehicle to GTA V and set it ELS DROT (I cant believe i could lmao). There are still things to fix but this one is driving me nuts.

Here, this video explains what exactly happens:


Any help is appreciated, thank you 

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13 hours ago, OfficerFive0 said:

Make sure the emissive material is above the glass material in the hierarchy.

OK so that is done.


12 hours ago, Candice said:

And that the glass material is transparent and set to transparent in the texture  browser

If you could help me finding that... I can't 😐 here are some screens:



Where should I set it to transparent? Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Candice said:

yeah to avoid this just put all glass at the bottom of the browser 

no, DO NOT DO THIS. Simply put, put the emissive material for that light above the glass. If you put every glass at the bottom, you will without a doubt mess up most everything else on the model. 

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