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How to "Clean Up" after game crash?

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It happens to us all when we were in a call or not and LSPDFR, Rage or one of our mods just crashes.  Usually we can reload the plugin in game, force duty and continue.  I had LSPDFR crash when Meds and Fire were responding.  They just got there and it crashes.  After reloading and force duty, I'm ready again.  But the fire and meds are still there doing nothing.  I can go to the other side of the state and back and they would still be there.  I actually was able to tow the ambulance and fire truck (had to get the people out first) but the red and blue plus sign on the map doesn't go away.  It actually did for a minute but than the plus sign came back as another random vehicle.  I've had firefighters out of their vehicle just standing there forever.  I shot one with a shotgun to the face and didn't do anything.  It's like they have god mode on after the crash.  I know there is that "Clean everything" mod that will delete all those things that were left behind that I could install.  I was just wondering how you handle it.  Do you just forget it and keep playing?  You restart the game even though you were able to reload the plugins?  Because if you have been playing for a while then little things get left behind even if the call ended completed.  Let me know what you all do.

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