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Rage/GTA5 update issue

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Here's what happened...


I clicked the Rage icon to start GTA5 with LSPDFR, Rage said my game was newer than it could support.


One of the options was to force GTA5 back to a working version, so I did that.


THEN I was notified of an update to the Rage hook, so I did that. But now the Rage hook is newer than the GTA5 version I backtracked to.


NOW I can't get GTA5 to re-update.


Any ideas?

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19 minutes ago, realtjennings said:



Ok, forgive me for being new and ignorant of all this, it might be the sign that I'm getting too old to play with this stuff...

But the link in your post leads to an entire list of things (files?), and the readme is more concerned with the GNU license than what in the world to do with all those things. This might be obvious to some folks, but to me, it looks as though it's gibberish.



Ok, I found it.. There's a 'Releases' page that has the compiled DLL in a zip file, located here: https://github.com/fr-Pursuit/AsiSupport/releases/tag/0.2.0

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Found the file

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