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vehicles not showing up. need help

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so I recently downloaded 2 dodge chargers for replacement of a regular squad car. I did as told and started lspdfr. when i tried to spawn one with console, it spawn the regular car in the game. not the one I downloaded. The screen shot is my patchday3ng file. once you click on it, it only shows this. how can i get the cars to show up in game? why is this happening? and  why are my  cars not spawning in game. I'm a big noob to this kind of stuff and would love support from players that know what there're doing. thank you

Screenshot (2).png

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7 hours ago, logunnadastunna said:

Try putting them in the patchday18ng folder (or whatever the latest one is).  That's where I put all of my vehicles and they spawn just fine.


This.  Always use the newest patchday that has a vehicles.rpf. :)

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