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Game keeps crashing

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Hello! Around 6-7 months ago I stopped playing LSPDFR, but now I want to play it again, I reinstalled all of my mods and models back into the game files but my game keeps crashing and I have no idea why. I attached the RPH log I get.



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[06.05.2018 12:19:06.544] Creating Direct3D 11 device and swap chain
[06.05.2018 12:19:06.585] Attempting feature level 10_1
[06.05.2018 12:19:06.638] Failed to create D3D11 device for Grand Theft Auto V: 887a0001
[06.05.2018 12:19:06.672] Attempting feature level 10_1 for fallback
[06.05.2018 12:19:06.706] Fall back attempt failed with: 887a0001!


I'm guessing something to do with that, as I checked my logs and none of that is there. Does the game load up without mods on?

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