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LSPD First Response Crashes after going on Duty.

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I was playing the game last night with all the mods, perfectly fine, but when I woke up today to play, LSPDFR is now crashing when I go on duty. I've tried increasing the threshold limit, I've tried using Albo's troubleshooter, I've tried reloading the plugin/all plugins, but to no avail. I don't see how the game messed up while I was sleeping, if the game wasn't on, or tampered with. The only thing I've changed since it worked last night, is the config files for the Police SmartRadio. But I don't see how that could've messed up my game. Anyone help me with this? I've attached my RPH.log below. Thanks



*UPDATE* I figured it out myself. For anyone else experiencing this problem, just remove Police SmartRadio.dll, and start the game, then close the game and put the .dll back in. I don't know why, but it worked. If it's not SmartRadio it's another .dll so just experiment with the dll's until you find the culprit, and put in new .dll after. Thanks

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No problem! I don't know what happened to Police SmartRadio, it still makes my LSPDFR crash, so I just deleted it as a whole. I'm going to see if there's a new download or something I can do to make it work again, because I enjoyed having the SmartRadio

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