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Callout and Audio file issues?

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Whenever I press 'X', sometimes I get no callout or notification. This has always happened to me and I'm not sure why. It gets really frustrating when I can press 'X' ten times and only get One or Two callouts. A few times, I'll press 'X' and the map will zoom out, but nothing else will happen. I noticed if I opened the Rage Console (F4) I can see " Beginning Thread (##): ????????????????????????????"(Something like that)

Audio File:

I noticed also that Dispatch says about half of what it is supposed to. I only noticed this after GTA updated last and I updated everything else. I even re-installed all the audio files from LSPDFR and the callouts, but it seems to have made it worse. I attached a photo of one of the many instances it happened.


Not sure if my Callout and Audio issue are related or not.




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