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GTA Error please Help!

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First of all I own a legit copy of GTA IV.

I installed GTA IV, I started it and it worked but lagged because it was

so I updated to, RGSC was automaticly deleted

I installed the latest version of GFWL, DirectX, netFramework

And I get this error:


I want to play GTA IV please help me with this error.

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There are a number of reasons as to why this problem may occur. It could be an issue with the installation of the game, Windows Live or .Net Framework. I'll out line some steps below to try:

1) Try re-installing the game along with the latest update from our site and test the game again:


2) Please try uninstalling all entries of Games for Windows Live and/or Live Marketplace from Programs and Features from your control panel. Once removed navigate to the following folder:

C:Program Files (x86) Rockstar Games GTAIV

And remove the Xlive.dll file from there (if there is one) It may be worthwhile placing it somewhere on the desktop rather than deleting it outright or renaming it so it is not recognized by the game as that file and so that you have a backup in case there are further complications.

Once complete try running the game, It may prompt you for a Games for Windows update, Please allow this to install and try the game again.

3) It may be an issue with the .net Framework version you have installed please check your Programs and features list and ensure that at least .Net Framework 3.5.1 is deployed or higher.

You can obtain a standalone version here of version 4.0 (which in some cases has been known to help):

There is no difference in the above in terms of content, just in the way that it is delivered.

If you consistently get a WS10 error when trying to play, try again to open the Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE standalone application (location varies).

If it still fails to open and displays the message below, it could be caused by not having certain DLLs registered properly and you will need to register two .dlls using regsvr32 (follow the steps below message):


If you see this message, go to START -> RUN and type 'regsvr32 msxml.dll' (without the quotes)

Click 'Run' and a message box will notify you if this process was successful.

Next, go to START -> RUN again and type 'regsvr32 msxml3.dll' (without the quotes)

Click 'Run' and a message box will notify you if this process was successful.

To learn more about how to register .dlls please visit Microsoft's Help and Support site at the following link:


If you still cannot run GTA IV PC after registering your dlls, please uninstall and reinstall the application.


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