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ELS multiplayer question

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Assuming THIS is the right place for this thread, as my other one was closed.

Having some issues with other people I play lcpdfr online with. Using ELS, other player's lightbars/flash patterns are SLOW (like 1 light every second slow), and they give off no ambient/environmental light. We've tried just about every trick in the book with no luck. Anyone with experience using ELS online? Seems to be a synching issue of some sort.

Each player's OWN lights work fine (a bit fast if anything), and ambient lighting works fromt he player's own vehicle lights.

Thanks in advance.

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This guy does have a point.


This video here. This guy has ELS working fine in MP. What is the fix? There is obviously a way to get it working in MP. There are other YouTube videos of the same guy using ELS in mutliplayer.

Another video of ELS working fine with other players;


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