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i would like to say thanks to all how make the police mods and texters. i have only been around for about 3 months and i think this is the best or one of the best out of 2 games i play. i was on youtube one night and looking for police games and i found a video of lcpdfr and i thought i have to have that game and then found out you have to have gta iv and so the next day i went and bought one from walmart but i would not have bought that game if it wasent for the police mod. so i would say half if not more than half of the people that own gta iv is because of lcpdfr and i would say the people that profite from gta iv sales should be happy that this inproves the sales of there game and people that make pc games should not have a problem with people makeing mod for there games. gtaiv and nr2k3 is the best 2 games i have ever played and both have mods by people that spent there time making things better for the game.

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You know, they actually invented something a while back called punctuation.

Though I do agree, GTA IV is a good game, and LCPDFR just makes it that so much more awesome.

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