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Anyone with experience: LCPDFR+ELS+DAS

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All running fine, aside from the usual and expected bugs. Only kink left to iron out is getting ELS to synch up online.

Each of our lights work from the individual using them's perspective, but fellow officers' lights are going VERY slow, not really illuminating and look like the "paper" lights.

Tried everything in the book, pursued all other avenues; you are my last hope.

Here's all the solutions we have tried independently and together:

-No mods/scripts outside of those listed below.

-All vanilla install.

-Same modded FBI and NOOSE vehicles across all players; ELS enabled vehicles.

-ELS disabled on police and police2.


-ELS V6.


Searched high and low, tried going back to older versions, jumping in and out of each other's vehicles, playing with the MP AI settings. Adjusted delay settings from 0-50, etc.

Any ideas are very much appreciated.

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We cannot provide support for installations with other mods than LCPDFR installed, it stated so during the trouble-shooter you had to follow.

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Nothing to see here!

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