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ELS Light Ambience

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I changed my red and blue ELS lights on my cars to All Blue which works fine but how can I change the ambient flash of lights in the enviroment around the cars to blue? Its still red like an Ambulance or Firetruck...

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Credits to Birthofahero10 for this answer. You would have found this if you looked a few threads below.. :p

I will say that there are alot of topics that answer this but ill go ahead and answer this for you. Go into your GTA IV directory and you will see the ELS files find the one that says configuration and right click it. Go to properties and change opens with: to notepad, word, etc. then click ok. Now, double click the configuration settings and go down. You will see police, police2, noose, etc. and numbers beside them. just change the number. The color to number is at the bottom of the file. I hope this helps and have fun ;)

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I'll elaborate a bit on that answer:

As state, you need to open the ELS.ini file, which can be found in the main GTA IV folder, scroll down until you find a the car you are looking for, in it might be "police", the Ford Crown Victoria style car named "Police Cruiser" in-game.

You'll see the following:


Active = 1

Halogen_Only = 0

Color_Light1L = 1

Color_Light2L = 1

Color_Light3R = 0

Color_Light4R = 0

Color_Light7L = 3

Color_Light8C = 3

Color_Light9R = 3

Offst_SLights = 0

If you want the car to have ELS lights, set active to =1, if you want to disable ELS on the vehicle, but wants to keep it in the configuration file, change it to =0. You can also delete the car configuration from the file if you want to.

Halogen_only should only be used if you're using a ELS-H model, ELS-H mimics the rotating effect the old halogen rotator bars had, it will state when you download the model, and in the readme if it is ELS or ELS-H, in order to enable ELS-H, change Halogen_Only to =1, if you want to disable it after you enabled it, change that value back to =0.

The nine Color_Light[Number][Letter] denotes each light, the 1L is forward Left, 2L is rear left, 3R is Front right, and 4R is rear right. the 7-8-9 LCR is for the secondary lights, change the values accordingly.

The values after the Color_Light[Number][Letter] tells you which colour will be flashed you ahve the following options:

// Red   0

// Blue  1

// White  2

// Amber  3

// Green  4


You can also find them in the "reference" part of the ELS.INI file.

Change the value after the "=" sign to the colour you want to flash on the ground.

You can make further customizations to ELS if you want to, you can change the different key functions, as well as other settings, such as disabling ELS for AI cars, toggle the flash sound that is characteristic of strobe lights, it should all explain itself in the INI file, otherwise post your question here and someone can help you out.

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