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Need Help With Mods!!

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I have a problem with my NYPD Crown Vic and the other police mod cars I have put in on the game.The sirens work but the lights don't flash at all.Any ideas to solve that?

And the DashCam, I don't know how to make it work.How do you start it up on the game?You put the IVDashCamV2's folder in the scripts folder where the LCPDFR is right? and in the scripts folder I have the following folders of DashCam IVDashCamV2 and IVDashCamV2.net

Whats wrong?Why won't it start?

It would really help if you could say.


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You probably need ELS if they are custom vehicles (Emergency Lighting System). ELS is a mod for custom vehicles that use ELS lighting rather than the original game lights.

The dashcam download comes with a pdf explaining how to install and activat eit. Once it has been installed properly you just press Alt-D in a car while ingame to bring up the camera interface.

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