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I recently added ELS V6 to GTA IV And when i go in my police vehicle and press ALT+M to go to the ELS police lights menu it spawns a scooter or somthing. What do i do?

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Do you have Simple Native Trainter (SNT)? If yes, disable keybinds in the .ini file.

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How do i do that? heres the key binding section i saw in the script.



GodKeyOn1=163 //God mode On/Off, Default RCTRL

GodKeyOn2=112 //God mode On/Off, Default F1

GravityKeyOff1=163 //Gravity Off/On, Default RCTRL

GravityKeyOff2=114 //Gravity Off/On, Default F3

PoliceIgnKeyOn1=163 //PoliceIgnore On/Off, Default RCTRL

PoliceIgnKeyOn2=115 //PoliceIgnore On/Off, Default F4

MoneyKey1=116 //Money, Default F5

NeverTiredKeyOn1=163 //NeverTired On/Off, Default RCTRL

NeverTiredKeyOn2=117 //NeverTired On/Off, Default F6

ChangeModel1Key1=163 //Change Models 1, Default RCTRL

ChangeModel1Key2=118 //Change Models 1, Default F7

ChangeModel2Key1=163 //Change Models 2, Default RCTRL

ChangeModel2Key2=81 //Change Models 2, Default Q

ChangeNicoKey1=163 //Change Nico, Default RCTRL

ChangeNicoKey2=120 //Change Nico, Default F9

Teleport1Key1=121 //Teleport1 Slot1 Default F10

Teleport2Key1=122 //Teleport2 Slot1 Default F11

Teleport3Key1=123 //Teleport3 Slot1 Default F12

SaveGameKey=9 // Save Game Default Tab

ClearWantedKey=45 // Clear Wanted Level Default Insert

SpawnDriverKey=107 // Spawn Driver Default Num + (add)

DisablePhoneKey=109 // Enable/Disable Phone Sleep Mode Default Num - (substract)

RadioKey=106 // Change to radio station Default Num * (multiply)

CarGodKeyOn1=163 // Car God Mode On Default RCTRL

CarGodKeyOn2=111 // Car God Mode On Default Num / (divide)

SpawnADriverKey=33 // Spawn Attacking Driver/ped Default Pageup

WantedUpKey=46 // Wanted level up Default Delete

AlarmKey=35 // Turn on Alarm Lights Default end

InteriorKey=34 // Turn on Interior Lights Default Pagedown

TaxiKey=192 // Get Taxi Default ~`

FastRunKey=189 // Fast Run Default -_

AlwaysGodKey=187 // Always God Mode Default =+

NeverWantedKey=219 // Never Wanted Enabled/Disabled Default [{

CarSpeedKey=221 // Car Speedup Default ]}

CarBrakeKey=220 // Car Brake Default |

TimeHealthKey=164 // Time, Weapons, Healt Armor Default LALT

WeatherKey=165 // Weather Options Default RALT

CarColorKey=163 // Car Fix, Flip Wash, Color Default RCTRL

OpenCarDoorKey=73 // Open Car Doors Default I

EnableSpeedKmKey1=73 // Enable Speedometer KM/H Default I

EnableSpeedKmKey2=104 // Enable Speedometer KM/H Default Num 8

CloseCarDoorKey=74 // Close Car Doors Default J

EnableSpeedMphKey1=74 // Enable Speedometer MPH Default J

EnableSpeedMphKey2=104 // Enable Speedometer MPH Default Num 8

SaveCarKey1=75 // Save, Warp, Remove Car windows Default K

Spawn1Key1=164 // Spawn 1 Default LALT

Spawn1Key2=65 // Spawn 1 Default A

Spawn2Key1=164 // Spawn 2 Default LALT

Spawn2Key2=66 // Spawn 2 Default B

Spawn3Key1=164 // Spawn 3 Default LALT

Spawn3Key2=67 // Spawn 3 Default C

Spawn4Key1=164 // Spawn 4 Default LALT

Spawn4Key2=68 // Spawn 4 Default D

Spawn5Key1=164 // Spawn 5 Default LALT

Spawn5Key2=69 // Spawn 5 Default E

Spawn6Key1=164 // Spawn 6 Default LALT

Spawn6Key2=70 // Spawn 6 Default F

Spawn7Key1=164 // Spawn 7 Default LALT

Spawn7Key2=71 // Spawn 7 Default G

Spawn8Key1=164 // Spawn 8 Default LALT

Spawn8Key2=77 // Spawn 8 Default M

Spawn9Key1=164 // Spawn 9 Default LALT

Spawn9Key2=78 // Spawn 9 Default N

Spawn10Key1=164 // Spawn 10 Default LALT

Spawn10Key2=84 // Spawn 10 Default T

Spawn11Key1=164 // Spawn 11 Default LALT

Spawn11Key2=85 // Spawn 11 Default U

Spawn12Key1=164 // Spawn 12 Default LALT

Spawn12Key2=88 // Spawn 12 Default X

SpawnRandomKey1=164 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default LALT

SpawnRandomKey2=82 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default R

MiscKey=77 // Miscellaneous Default M

MoveThroughDoorKey=222 // Go through closed door Default '"

NoReloadKey=186 // No Reload/Unlimited Ammo Default ;:

ExplodeCarKey=191 // Explode Nearest Car Default /?

EnableClockKey1=77 //Enable/Disable Clock Default M

EnableClockKey2=105 //Enable/Disable Clock Default Num 9

CarSlowKey=188 //Car Slowdown Default ,<

GrabKey=190 //Grab nearest or lastest car Default .>

SpeedUpSlowKey=110 //Car Speed Up Slow Default num .

AirBreakKey=117 //Air Break Default F6

SetBombKey=66 //Set Bomb Default B

OKey=79 //O Key Default O

PedKey=76 //Ped Key Default L

SaveCoordsKey1=163 //Save Coordinates Default RCTRL

SaveCoordsKey2=79 //Save Coordinates Default O

SuperJumpKey1=163 //Superjump Default RCTRL

SuperJumpKey2=67 //Superjump Default C

TeleportMarkerKey1=163 //Teleport to Marker Default RCTRL

TeleportMarkerKey2=77 //Teleport to Marker Default M

CleanClothesKey1=163 //Clean Clothes Default RCTRL

CleanClothesKey2=86 //Clean Clothes Default V

KillEnemyPedKey1=163 //Kill Enemy Ped Default RCTRL

KillEnemyPedKey2=72 //Kill Enemy Ped Default H

KillPedKey1=163 //Kill Ped Default RCTRL

KillPedKey2=73 //Kill Ped Default I

GravityGunKey1=163 //Enable Gravity Gun Default RCTRL

GravityGunKey2=74 //Enable Gravity Gun Default J

TelBodyGuardsKey1=163 //Teleport Bodyguards to Player Default RCTRL

TelBodyGuardsKey2=75 //Teleport Bodyguards to Player Default K

TeleportCarsKey1=163 //Teleport to Spawned Cars Default RCTRL

TeleportCarsKey2=76 //Teleport to Spawned Cars Default L

LoadClothesKey1=163 //Load Clothes Default RCTRL

LoadClothesKey2=82 //Load Clothes Default R

DynamicObjectKey1=163 //Dynamic Object Default RCTRL

DynamicObjectKey2=84 //Dynamic Object Default T

DeleteObjectKey1=163 //Delete Object Default RCTRL

DeleteObjectKey2=85 //Delete Object Default U

LastObjInvisibleKey1=163 //Last Object invisible Default RCTRL

LastObjInvisibleKey2=88 //Last Object invisible Default X

AllObjInvisibleKey1=163 //All Objects invisble Default RCTRL

AllObjInvisibleKey2=89 //All Objects invisble Default Y

CharExplosionKey1=163 //Player Explosion Default RCTRL

CharExplosionKey2=90 //Player Explosion Default Z

InternetKey1=164 //Internet Default LALT

InternetKey2=73 //Internet Default I

CarFreezeKey1=164 // Freeze Nearest Car Default LALT

CarFreezeKey2=74 // Freeze Nearest Car Default J

WarpKey1=164 // Warp Passenger Default LALT

WarpKey2=75 // Warp Passenger Default K

Object1Key1=164 //Spawn Object 1 Default LALT

Object1Key2=49 //Spawn Object 1 Default 1

Object2Key1=164 //Spawn Object 2 Default LALT

Object2Key2=50 //Spawn Object 2 Default 2

Object3Key1=164 //Spawn Object 3 Default LALT

Object3Key2=51 //Spawn Object 3 Default 3

Object4Key1=164 //Spawn Object 4 Default LALT

Object4Key2=52 //Spawn Object 4 Default 4

Object5Key1=164 //Spawn Object 5 Default LALT

Object5Key2=53 //Spawn Object 5 Default 5

ClearAreaKey1=164 //Clear Area Default LALT

ClearAreaKey2=54 //Clear Area Default 6

ExplodeCarKey1=164 //Explode Car Default LALT

ExplodeCarKey2=55 //Explode Car Default 7

StealCarKey1=164 //Steal Car Default LALT

StealCarKey2=48 //Steal Car Default 0

NeonKey1=164 //Under Car Neons Default LALT

NeonKey2=57 //Under Car Neons Default 9

Animation1Key1=165 //Animation Slot 1 Default RAlt

Animation1Key2=49 //Animation Slot 1 Default 1

Animation2Key1=165 //Animation Slot 2 Default RAlt

Animation2Key2=50 //Animation Slot 2 Default 2

Animation3Key1=165 //Animation Slot 3 Default RAlt

Animation3Key2=51 //Animation Slot 3 Default 3

Animation4Key1=165 //Animation Slot 4 Default RAlt

Animation4Key2=52 //Animation Slot 4 Default 4

Animation5Key1=165 //Animation Slot 5 Default RAlt

Animation5Key2=53 //Animation Slot 5 Default 5

PedTaskKey1=165 //Assign Task to Ped Default RAlt

PedTaskKey2=54 //Assign Task to Ped Default 6

RagDollKey1=77 //Ragdoll Default M

RagDollKey2=100 //Ragdoll Deafault Num 4

Speech1Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 1 Default RShift

Speech1Key2=49 //Load Speech Slot 1 Default 1

Speech2Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 2 Default RShift

Speech2Key2=50 //Load Speech Slot 2 Default 2

Speech3Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 3 Default RShift

Speech3Key2=51 //Load Speech Slot 3 Default 3

Speech4Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 4 Default RShift

Speech4Key2=52 //Load Speech Slot 4 Default 4

Speech5Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 5 Default RShift

Speech5Key2=53 //Load Speech Slot 5 Default 5

Speech6Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 6 Default RShift

Speech6Key2=54 //Load Speech Slot 6 Default 6

Speech7Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 7 Default RShift

Speech7Key2=55 //Load Speech Slot 7 Default 7

Speech8Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 8 Default RShift

Speech8Key2=56 //Load Speech Slot 8 Default 8

Speech9Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 9 Default RShift

Speech9Key2=57 //Load Speech Slot 9 Default 9

Speech10Key1=161 //Load Speech Slot 10 Default RShift

Speech10Key2=48 //Load Speech Slot 10 Default 0

EnterTrainKey1=165 //Enter train Default RALT

EnterTrainKey2=55 //Enter train Default 7

SubwayLeave=76 //Subway Leave Station Default L

SubwaySpeedUp=107 //Subway Speed Up Default Numpad +

SubwaySpeedDown=109 //Subway Speed Down Default Numpad -

SubwayBrake=66 //Subway Stop Default B

SubwayOpenR=39 //Subway Right Doors Default Right Arrow

SubwayOpenL=37 //Subway Left Doors Default Left Arrow

SubwayAutomatic=81 //Subway Automatic Stop Default Q

SubwayRotateClock=88 //Subway Rotate Camera Clockwise Default X

SubwayRotateCounter=82 //Subway Rotate Camera Counter Default R

SubwayMoveCForward=87 //Subway Move Camera Forward Default W

SubwayMoveCBack=83 //Subway Move Camera Back Default S

SubwayMoveCLeft=65 //Subway Move Camera Left Default A

SubwayMoveCRight=68 //Subway Move Camera Right Default D

SubwayExit=70 //Subway Exit Default F

MoveObjectKey1=77 //Move Object Default M

MoveObjectKey2=48 //Move Object Default 0

cloneObjectKey1=77 //clone Object Default M

cloneObjectKey2=49 //Clone Object Default 1

CarSaveKey1=165 //Save car to slot 1 Default RALT

CarSaveKey2=56 //Save car to slot 1 Default 8

CarLoadKey1=165 //Load Car Slot 1 Default RALT

CarLoadKey2=57 //Load Car Slot 1 Default 9

RandomSpeechKey1=165 //Play Random Speech Default RALT

RandomSpeechKey2=48 //Play Random Speech Default 0

NoRagdollJump=74 //Jump when no ragdoll whilst falling enabled Default J

FreezeCarKey1=77 //Freeze Car Default M

FreezeCarKey2=50 //Freeze car Default 2

UnfreezeCarKey1=77 //Unfreeze Car Default M

UnfreezeCarKey2=51 //Unfreeze Car Default 3

FreezePlayerKey1=77 //Freeze Player Default M

FreezePlayerKey2=52 //Freeze Player Default 4

UnfreezePlayerKey1=77 //Unfreeze Player Default M

UnfreezePlayerKey2=53 //Unfreeze Player Default 5

ExplodeSCarKey1=77 //Explode Saved Car Default M

ExplodeSCarKey2=54 //Explode Saved Car Default 6

CruiseControlKey1=77 //Cruise Control Default M

CruiseControlKey2=55 //Cruise Control Default 7

AddForceKey1=77 //Add Force to Player Default M

AddForceKey2=56 //Add Force to Player Default 8

CameraLockKey1=77 //Lock Camera Default M

CameraLockKey2=57 //Lock Camera Default 9

CarBackKey=82 //Car Backward Speed Default R

RecruitKey1=165 //Recruit Bodyguard Default RALt

RecruitKey2=65 //Recruit Bodyguard Default A

RAttackPedKey1=164 //Spawn random attacking ped Default LALT

RAttackPedKey2=56 //Spawn Random attacking ped Default 8

DisableTrainerKey1=163 // Disable Trainer Default RCTRL

DisableTrainerKey2=165 // Disable Trainer Default RALT

DisableTrainerKey3=68 // Disable Trainer Default D

EnableTrainerKey1=163 // Enable Trainer Default RCTRL

EnableTrainerKey2=165 // Enable Trainer Default RALT

EnableTrainerKey3=69 // Enable Trainer Default E

NumPad0=96 // Redefine Numpad 0

NumPad1=97 // Redefine Numpad 1

NumPad2=98 // Redefine Numpad 2

NumPad3=99 // Redefine Numpad 3

NumPad4=100 // Redefine Numpad 4

NumPad5=101 // Redefine Numpad 5

NumPad6=102 // Redefine Numpad 6

NumPad7=103 // Redefine Numpad 7

NumPad8=104 // Redefine Numpad 8

NumPad9=105 // Redefine Numpad 9

MenuKey=114 //Enter Menu, Default F3

MenuKeyUp=104 //Menu go Up, Default Num 8

MenuKeyDown=98 //Menu go Down, Default Num 2

MenuKeyCancel=8 //Menu Cancel, Default Backspace

MenuKeyScrollUp=102 //Menu Scroll, Default Num 6

MenuKeyScrollDown=100 //Menu Scroll, Default Num 4

MenuKeyEnter=101 //Menu Enter, Default Num 5

MenuKeyBack=96 //Menu Back, Default Num 0

HideMenuKey=115 //Menu Hide, Default F4

AirbreakUp=87 //Airbreak Up, Default W

AirbreakDown=83 //Airbreak Down, Default S

AirbreakForw=104 //Airbreak Forward, Default Num 8

AirbreakBack=98 //Airbreak Back, Default Num 2

AirbreakRight=102 //Airbreak Right, Default Num 6

AirbreakLeft=100 //Airbreak Left, Default Num 4

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go into the game, spawn the trainer menu, to to options, find and hit disable trainer keys, then stay in the options and hit save setting to trainer.ini

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