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I think I got the title right!


Anyway, I'm trying to make male cops have the night stick duty belt, I've edited the textures but they don't seem to change. Any info on how to change it so every cop has the same duty belt? 


I didn't include the help and support template as this isn't a system or game bug. 


Thank you. 

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This is not possible without openFormats. Once openFormats is available, I will release a modification that improves the main cops in the game.

Nightsticks will definitely be included.

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Moving to Grand Theft Auto V Development Tutorials & Questions.



This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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13 hours ago, BlackJesus1 said:

I'm confused here. Are you trying to physically edit the duty belt on the cop model, by changing the texture? And s_m_m_cop doesn't exist.

The problem is that the cops IE female and male are different and I've tried all edited mods which have helped but the duty belt just annoys me.

The female cops have night sticks on their duty belts and the males don't and vice verse for the LSSD. 


I am trying to get all cops to have the same duty belt preferably with the night stick or a modern version of it. 


@Lundy Thank you for your reply. I'll be looking forward to it. 


I could of of done it myself however if it's impossible without a certain software then I'll leave it to the professionals. 

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