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GTA Occasional Error (ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT)

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Hi guys,

As the title says I've gotten this error occasionally. A screenshot will be posted below.

Today it happened, in the middle of a Solo Session, driving around the city, and nothing but driving. 

Trying to start GTA V now, results in that error. In the past, all I did was restart the PC, and it was fixed again for a while, but it'd be nice to be rid of this error once & for all, as it gets very annoying to have to restart the PC in the middle of a session with friends (has happened 2-3 times already). I haven't played GTA V for a while, but in the past after restarting the PC, I'd be rid of that error for at least a few months.

My PC specs are in my signature.

Any thoughts?


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I'm aware this topic is old-ish, but figured I'd post a "solution" I found myself.

Keeping in mind, I had this error happen twice to me today within 2 hours. The "solution" below is what I did after I got the error the 2nd time, and didn't feel like rebooting my PC again.

Was able to "fix" the issue and get back into GTA, without restarting PC by going to settings.xml and changing     <Windowed value="0" /> from 0 to 1 which changed it to windowed mode. Switching back to Fullscreen at the main menu, just plain caused the game to crash with a GTA V has stopped working window. No pop up error window or anything. Keeping in mind I hadn't rebooted my PC for a 2nd time before trying Fullscreen

Hope RockStar fixes this fullscreen problem in an update, but I should ( :P ) be able to live with windowed mode until it hopefully gets fixed

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