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Open IV reverts back to old version

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I updated GTA 5 to the newest version 617 and it works, however when I place my mods folder back into the main directory and start the game, it reverts back to the old GTA 5 version number 573.  I am using the mod manager, but for the mods folder itself and Open IV what do I need to do?  I am guessing I would need to reinstall each mod that I put into the mods folder, but man that is a ton of work to reinstall all those vehicles and other files again?  Or is that what you have to do if you decide to update to the newest version of the game?


I basically have  a backup copy of my mods folder which has update, x64, x64 e, i , v and w.  Fresh install works, but putting that mods folder back into main directory forces game back to version 573 thus not playable.  Is that the norm or what should I do differently so that I can place my mods folder back into main directory and it wont go back to an older version?

It appears as though update.rpf has to be same in main directory and in mods folder.  Nothing else in mods folder is affected when Rockstar updates.  Let me know if I am on the right track.

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