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A update from the Ragehook Lead Developer

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First of all, the latest GTA V patch could not have come at a worse time.

The power supply of my computer died a week ago, and I had just received the new PSU yesterday, when the patch was released.
On top of that, I was preparing to go on vacation. So friday, I was repairing my computer, packing the last stuff for my vacation and making an update of RAGE Plugin Hook to support the latest GTA V patch.
As always, I've tested and verified that the RPH update works with the Steam version of game patch 617, and as such, the update should work with any non-corrupted Steam installation. Ensure that you've updated other mods, like ScriptHookV, and that any modded RPF archives work with this version of the game. If you're using modded RPF archives, try renaming the mods folder to something else to disable them, and try again.

It seems there is an issue with the retail version, which I haven't been able to test. I'm currently sitting in a cabin at my vacation site, and am unable to make any updates to RPH.
I've notified LMS about the issue, and hopefully he'll be around soon to investigate the issue with the retail version of the game.
Until then, the only thing I can suggest, is downgrade the game to version 573, and use RAGE Plugin Hook v0.34 for now. 

Website update
I'd like to point out that we have not been DDoS'ed, and our host has not shut us down for using massive amounts of bandwidth.
Instead, an issue with the website was causing high CPU usage; for each user trying to connect, and it had to be shut down as it was killing the server.
This unfortunately means, that the website will be down, until I get back home and can rectify the issue.
This page will continue to provide download links until then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- MulleDK19, RAGE Plugin Hook Developer

Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates - http://twitter.com/RAGEPluginHook

You can download the latest version (v0.35) of RAGE Plugin Hook by clicking here - http://ragepluginhook.net/faL1KsdaK1MzLh/RAGEPluginHook_0_35_876_6821_ALPHA.zip
You can reach the forums here - http://forums.ragepluginhook.net/

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Update 31 Jan 2016

A new version of the hook (0.36) fixing issues with the RGSC version of the game is available here. 
Thanks to Kal74 for his assistance during testing!

- LMS, RAGE Plugin Hook Developer

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