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Vicious Peds?

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So I've installed lspdfr, rde, the addon to make lspdfr and rde work nicely together, traffic policer, and the requisite mods for that, and now, a ton of peds are looking to kill me everywhere i go. i remember reading something about it on here or gta5 mods, but i cant remember which mod is causing it and i dont want to spend a ton of time installing each one individually to see or in combo with another mod... help please. ive searched the forums and google but im not having any luck. i know someone else has had ths issue i just cant remember where i read about it

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I have the exact same problem @hellfire343! I think it might be simple native trainer or something, only started after I messed about with it. The spawn 6 of them on cavcade jeeps, all with carbines and there are hundreds (literally) spawning and killing me, not a callout at all, never changed any ini files or installed new ones :(((

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