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GTA V crashing when using mods folder

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Another "I'm having problems after the update"-thread:

My game crashes right at the end of the loading screen.
By an hour of trial and error I have traced the error to the mods in my mods folder
This has nothing to do with RPH or any script mod using ScriptHookV, since even with an asiloader installed and several script mods running the game works fine.
Until I add something to the mods folder, that is.

I deleted my old mods folder and installed Realism Dispatch Enhanced using OpenIV's Package installer on a new, empty one.
That's when the game crashes. Using only script mods everything is okay, though.

Since this issue isn't RPH-related I don't think it would be of much use to attach a log, but if for some reason it is needed, I will provide one.

Thank you in advance!

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