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You've posted this in the LSPDFR Discussion section, so I will assume you're talking about LSPDFR. As long as your PC can run GTA V, you can probably run LSPDFR.

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7 minutes ago, Officerpontoon said:

Im working on getting started and was wondering if a laptop is a good selection to play lcpdfr on

As I say to everyone, a PC is a much better investment in the long run. A laptop will run GTA V provided its specs meet the minimum requirements, but laptops become outdated quickly and with no way of upgrading them, you'll be back to square one soon enough.


A decent high end PC will cost around £600-£800 but will last for years to come as when a part becomes obsolete, it can be replaced with a new part rather than replacing the entire machine take a look on https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc

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