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Other callout ideas

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Some more ideas for fellow scripters and modders to take up....

1.) Similar to traffic police but in a sense of random events occurring with the population on the street, (random fights, thefts, car accidents, etc;)

2.) Return of ticket time, very rarely do police officers stand over you to write a ticket (for safety reasons and in the state of California why stand out in the heat when you have an air conditioned vehicle to check up on the perp).  You should be able to write out the ticket and return it to the suspect with their documents.

3.) The USLA is too quiet, there should be callouts on campus, I mean hey these are young adults who will do some illegal things (drugs, fighters, harassment, under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

4.) LTA and LSIA specific callouts involving suspicious packages, belligerent passengers, customs busting someone carrying attempting to import or export illegal goods.

5.) Raids on drugs, weapons dealers, illegal goods

6.) Pick up inmates from the penitentiary to the police station, court house, or transport them to the prison.

Just some random ideas, if already in progress, currently used, or can't be done then no worries....

Best of luck guys, you've already exceeded my expectations for what is possible in a police simulated game :)

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