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Fire/EMS Script for GTA IV

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Hello.  I am the co-founder of a GTA IV group called CLVER (City of Las Vegas Emergency Responders).  And I am currently looking for any developers that are willing to make a fire/ems script for us free of charge.  The script does't need any controls or anything, we will roleplay the whole scene.  All I need is a bunch of vehicle crashes to spawn at almost any intersection of all 4 islands, vehicles sitting in a parking lot or parked on the side of the road with various levels of burning, and some structure fires to spawn in all the possible enterable buildings of all 4 islands in multiplayer.  We have tried Husky's script, Bravehearts, and Gangrenn's firefighter script.  They all bug out after about 5 minutes of use.  So I figured we'd just dumb it down and only have the scene spawn and nothing else.  No patient treatment controls, no transport controls, nothing except the scene.  Everything else will be roleplayed out.

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