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[0.3] Callout (Recivied/Forced) lspdfr Crash

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I have Ragehook 34_842_6641_ALPHA,  LSPDFR 0.3. I have been browsing the forums and doing what I could. I fear I'm missing something really simple. Would guys care to give me a little assistance. Thank you.

  • When I receive my first callout or try to force a callout, The game grashes to destop. Calling for backup or engaging in a suspect running causes the same crash.
  • When I set callouts to 0 I have no issue. I have download x86 and x64 SlimDX. I ran the installers. Fresh install of GTA LSPDFR and Ragehook.
  • Retail version of GTAV
This is the first time i've tried to instal LSPDFR, I have not used .2 or any other version. Winows 10 i7, 970M No other plugins or mods installed Post a screenshot of your GTA V Game directory.  GTA Directory
lspdfr folder

Did not see my screenshots in the comments. Going to post them here not hidden. I will remove this if I see them show in the previous post, Thank you.





lspdfr Folder:


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