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Need Special Favor From A Good Person

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Dear good peoples,

Hi i'm Hosni from Tunisia 20 yo, my problem is that i'm broke and i'm not able to pay for it for now.

I don't want to fool anyone, i had a pirated verision of GTA 5 but to play the mode of LCPDFR i need the original verision, i know that this game deserve it price and i developers must be supported. But I don't had nothing.

I become crazy because i always wanted to play this mod ad here i'am enable to do nothing ! 

I hope that one of you guys ( who can ) help me with GTA 5 key for pc. 

I swear i'll not forget your favor and the first occasion i get mone or smething i'll return your favor directly.

I know what i'm asking for is awkward or something like that, but i always belive that in this life there is a good peoples.

Please don't be childish with me, just who can help me contact me from here, or my fb account or via skype: hosni.amiche

Thank you everyone and god bless you all, Hope LCPDFR developpers keep going far for developping this mod, and i belive that this mod can be better then now !

Thank you all.



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This topic is being closed, as this request is using LCPDFR.com for personal gain, other than through the already established routes.

If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.

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