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how can i see which mod is working with my LSPDFR ?

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at most mods stands for which version it is suitable. but not at all in some state N / A and Compatibility All Versions. look to the pic to see what i meen.


greetings the unknowing dutchman


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Compatibility refers to which version of the game it supports. So 'All Versions' means it supports all or most versions of the game.

If a script mod says "N/A" at "Uses LSPDFR API", then it doesn't talk to LSPDFR, which can result in issues and conflicts.

You can see all compatible mods on this page: http://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/scripts/?sortby=file_updated&advanced_search_submitted=1&downloads_field_15=0.3b&sortby=file_updated&sortdirection=desc&page=1

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