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Andrew Lincoln

Request: Sacramento Police Department CVPI

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Hello all,

Some may have noticed I have been working on a Sacramento Police Department texture pack. First off, we'll call them SPD for short. SPD use two types of lightbars as far as I'm aware, the MX7000 (slightly different to those already released, but I'm content) and a version of what I believe to be a Whelen Freedom. Due to the MX7000 already being released, I am asking for a Whelen version. As far am I'm aware, no other lighting equipment is used other than a lightbar.I know that a Freedom lightbar has been released and is pretty similar. The CVPI's are also kitted out with the rambar that LASD use, to my knowledge I can't find the name. A list of the required/if possible parts and lighting equipment is below:



Unfortunetly I cannot find any images of equipment used inside the vehicle, so I am not worried about the interior equipment. 

Here are some pictures of SPD CVPI's:





Here is my gallery to see the progress on the textures:



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