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I have a problem with LCPDFT MOD.

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Hi! Well, first apologise me if I have some grammatical mistakes, I don't speak english as mother lenguage, my mother lenguage is spanish.

I have a problem, I am trying to install the mod but when I open the "RAGEPluginHook" file, the next text appear, "The current game version is not supported. Please install game version 573."

So I think that i need to update to the version v573 but I have the pirated version of the game (my version is 350). ¿How can I update the game? Really I want to play the game with this mod, i think that is amazing!

Thanks for reading :D

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buy the game 


This topic has been closed because you are asking for support regarding pirated software. We are unable to provide support to pirates, or people using cracks. 

If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.