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Range of Arrests

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Howdy everyone, first off let me say I LOVE 0.3 its an amazing update to an already stellar mod.

My question though is there anyway to lower the range that arrest takedown's are effective? It seems like even from 20m away I have a 100% arrest rate, the suspect always surrenders. It would be nice if we could allocate a percentage for a suspect to ignore a arrest takedown and continue running and to perhaps limit the range that the takedown itself is effective. The new persuits in 0.3 are so much fun but I dont think in the 80 callouts I have taken in the last two days that I have gotten into any foot chase that lasts for more then 10 seconds. Everybody that I tell to surrender does so immediately - even if they are driving by apparently pointing my gun at them is enough for them to slam on the breaks and surrender on the spot. Not to mention it sort of nullifies the need for a tazer when from the same range I can just hold down E with my service weapon at the ready.

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