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LSPDFR crashes just after loaded *REUPLOAD*

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Since I didn't really get any answers on my previous topic I've made this. In hope to get my post up and hopefully get some replies.

Hey everyone. After a lot of troubles in  the beginning getting my Police Radio and LSPDFR to work it finally did! I've enjoyed it so bad and been trying different callouts and vehicle mods! :D

Welp, now I've downloaded 3 cars. 2015 Dodge Charger RT PoliceLAPD Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2014) and 2011 Ford Crown Victoria - LAPD

After installing mods, I of course download one, and run the game to see if it causes a crash. So far the Dodge Charger and the Intercepter haven't been causing this, but after installing the Crown Victoria it began to crash every time I loaded the plugin via RBH Console.

I'll paste the crash log, though a lot of it will be on Danish but hopefully some of it will make sense:

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[09-01-2016 23:24:50.609] If you run into any issues, include a LOG! 'RagePluginHook.log' is in the main directory.
[09-01-2016 23:24:50.611] Audio loaded...
[09-01-2016 23:24:50.634] Custom Resolution Detected - use Left Control + Left Shift + Z to edit 1920 1080
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.048] LSPD First Response: Creating Assorted Update GUI
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] 
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ==============================
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] EXCEPTION DURING FRAME RENDER
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] Origin: Plugin "LSPD First Response" (LSPD First Response.dll).
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Exception type: System.NullReferenceException
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Exception message: Objektreferencen er ikke indstillet til en forekomst af et objekt.      IN ENGLISH => (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Inner exceptions:
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Stack trace:
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????(Base , GwenEventHandler`1 )
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved Rage.Forms.GwenForm.SetUp(Canvas canvas)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.FormsManager.OnRender(Object obj, EventArgs e)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.FormsManager.TriggerRemoteDraw(Graphics graphics)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.RemotePlugin.OnRender()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.RemotePlugin.OnRender()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.Plugin.OnRender(Object sender, EventArgs e)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ==============================
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] 

//Matt :D

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