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Crash after seconds after the plugin loaded

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Hey everyone. After a lot of troubles in  the beginning getting my Police Radio and LSPDFR to work it finally did! I've enjoyed it so bad and been trying different callouts and vehicle mods! :D

Welp, now I've downloaded 3 cars. 2015 Dodge Charger RT PoliceLAPD Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2014) and 2011 Ford Crown Victoria - LAPD

After installing mods, I of course download one, and run the game to see if it causes a crash. So far the Dodge Charger and the Intercepter haven't been causing this, but after installing the Crown Victoria it began to crash every time I loaded the plugin via RBH Console.

I'll paste the crash log, though a lot of it will be on Danish but hopefully some of it will make sense:


[09-01-2016 23:24:50.609] If you run into any issues, include a LOG! 'RagePluginHook.log' is in the main directory.
[09-01-2016 23:24:50.611] Audio loaded...
[09-01-2016 23:24:50.634] Custom Resolution Detected - use Left Control + Left Shift + Z to edit 1920 1080
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.048] LSPD First Response: Creating Assorted Update GUI
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] 
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ==============================
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] EXCEPTION DURING FRAME RENDER
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] Origin: Plugin "LSPD First Response" (LSPD First Response.dll).
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.050] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Exception type: System.NullReferenceException
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Exception message: Objektreferencen er ikke indstillet til en forekomst af et objekt.      IN ENGLISH => (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Inner exceptions:
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ------------------------------
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] Stack trace:
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????(Base , GwenEventHandler`1 )
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.051] ved Rage.Forms.GwenForm.SetUp(Canvas canvas)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.FormsManager.OnRender(Object obj, EventArgs e)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.FormsManager.TriggerRemoteDraw(Graphics graphics)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.RemotePlugin.OnRender()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.RemotePlugin.OnRender()
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ved Rage.Plugin.OnRender(Object sender, EventArgs e)
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] ==============================
[09-01-2016 23:24:51.052] 

//Matt :D

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Hello there - Welcome, and thanks for trying out LSPDFR. We require all members to read the provided ReadMe and User Documentation before getting support. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version of LSPDFR - we cannot guarantee that all issues have been resolved. 

You can find the user manual in your LSPDFR Download folder. If you still have questions after reading the User Documentation, review the LSPDFR FAQ; http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/51162-lspdfr-frequently-asked-questions/. 

Ensure you have a folder titled "LSPDFR" and "plugins" in your root directory. 

  • The plugins folder should contain the following; 
    • LSPD First Response.dll
    • A folder titled "LSPDFR"

Make sure you have the latest RagePluginHook: http://ragepluginhook.net/ 

Please do so now and return to this topic when this is done and do the following;

  • Give a clear, detailed description of the problem.
  • Explain any circumstances surrounding the problem.
  • State what solutions you have tried.
  • State which version of the game you're using (Steam or Retail)
  • Post the RagePluginHook.log in a spoiler tag (Please be courteous and only include the relevant information).
  • Include as much information as possible.
  • Post your system specifications. You need to meet the required system specifications for the mod to work properly. 
  • Post what other mods you are using. 
  • Post a screenshot of your GTA V Game directory. 

 Failure to follow these instructions may result in topic closure. 

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4 minutes ago, HeachStealth said:

Already checked it all. I follow every Readme when installing mods too. This is why is ask the forums for a solution :p

Please go through the checklist and answer the questions. it gives us more information which helps us help you =)

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