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LSPDFR+Game crashes in the police officer selection screen

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Hey guys,

So recently my game has been having some issues all of a sudden, i tried  updating certain mods, completely reinstalling the game along with the mods and weapon reskins and what not. However after poking at the game and attempting to fix it my game would start with no issue and LSPDFR would load with no issues too (it used to crash at the loading menu).However...              Now when i attempt to go to a police station to go on duty and attempt to scroll through the different police units/departments available my game would freeze up for about 2 seconds then crash. Rageplugin has stated that this crash was due to LSPDFR. Here is the log. If i could get some help for this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :) 

It seems like my game crashes when my selection lands on the DOA/FIB units in the unit/officer selection screen. Thought i'd add that in in case it might help with resolving my issue.


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