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Just found out about the LAPDFR version and I am extremely interested in it. Definitely want be part of this! 

What game do I need to in order to download and add this modification? 

I have a MacBook Pro, can it be used? 

How much space and RAM does my laptop need? 

What add-ons and/or modifications to i need in order for it to function properly? 

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Hello, In order to use LSPDFR, you'll need to have GRand Theft Auto V for PC, You will need to buy the game before you're able to use LSPDFR, also it's best to google the specs or use this to find out - http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri

Keep in mind that laptops weren't built for gaming (especially Macs), so there is a slight chance that your laptop might not run Grand Theft Auto V. 

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