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ok guys I,m new to this mod stuff and I need some help my boys want to play gta v as police but I have no clue on what mod to download and if I have to download more then one can anyone help  thanks


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Things you will need (and the order they need installing in)

• Legally acquired copy of Grand Theft Auto V (you wont get support if you use a crack or pirated copy)
• Rage Plugin Hook (latest version)
• LSPDFR (latest version)

Follow the installation instructions CLEARLY and CAREFULLY, once done you'll be ready to play LSPDFR in GTA V.
Additional mods available from the community will allow more features and functionality as well as extra callouts, but are not 100% necessary.

If you make a mistake installing any of the above please use the RPH support forums, or if it's an issue with LSPDFR, our support forum section.

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