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Will i get ban, if i launch gta 5 online, via. steam (not rage)?

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I love playing gta 5, and i often play lspdfr, but i  am tired of the fact that i have to move the files from the folder every time i have to play online with my friends. (ofc. without any mods or scripts, just normal online.) I dont know that mutch about gta 5 mods or the rage plugin thing, but i know that i have to launch the game with rage to play lspdfr. When i was closing my game i accidentally went to the online tab instead of game tab, and read that i could not acces online and i if wanted to play online i have to launch threw steam.

Does this mean that if i launch it threw steam, then the plugins/scripts are all turned off, and i cant get ban or something?
Sorry about the stupid answer, but i used alot of time to get where i am on my online profile without hacks or glitches, and i dont wanna waste it. 

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3 minutes ago, Officer_Mathiesen said:

What do you mean? :) That it is correct that lspdfr, and other mods are disabled when i launch threw steam? 

I have only installed lspdfr, and two script mods. :) 

Ragehook any Ragehook plugins such as LSPDFR will be fine in there. If you have scripthook or trainers, though, it will not work.

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If you do have script hook though, you can simply use the ASI Manager in OpenIV (under the tools menu) to uninstall the ASI loader. This stops the other hooks from loading, which in turn means your other mods aren't loaded, so you can play online just fine. I've been doing this daily for about a month now with no issues.

The exception is if you've modified any RPF files (custom cars, texture mods, probably other stuff), and have NOT used the mods folder. In this case you cant play online unless you restore the unmodified RPF files. You might be able to move the modded files to the mods folder, replace them with the originals, and then not have to replace files in the future (OpenIV's ASI will load things from the mods folder, which is disabled by uninstalling the ASI loader). I haven't tried this personally though so cant confirm it'll work and be safe.

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