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LSPDFR Need help please

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Ok , so i'l start this by saying I Just bought GTA5 four days ago and I bought it for LSPDFR , I watched some youtube video's and I googled the crap outa this and when I try to start the game via Rage Hook plug-in , game crashes almost instant . I am brand new to modding GTA5 and I will admit I kinda don't know what I am doing , but I am a not dumb when it comes to minor modding .

I am seeking info on how and/or why I cannot seem to get this to start up .

What I have done : ( According to YouTube )
-Downloaded Scripthook ( Was told mod cannot work without this ??)
-Downloaded Ragehook Plug-in
-Of course downloaded LSPDFR via this website
- Have re-Installed game 3 times .

Note: I have played this game without anymods and had zero issues and I can play this at about almost Ultra settings. my computer is not a toaster anymore.
I am a Steam User so that means my Game Copy is LEGAL and I also asked for help on Steam Forums , but I was treated horrible , I am really hoping this community is much nicer .
Please , I am asking for help here , and I am willing to learn.

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First of all, welcome to this community!

Now to your problem: The Scripthook.net is not needed for LSPDFR but shouldn't be the source of your problem, because many people use them at the same time.
One question though. In what order did you install LSPDFR and the latest RPH? Because the LSPDFR download comes with an outdated version of RPH that doesn't work with the newest GTAV update. So if you haven't already, try to install LSPDFR first and then just paste the files from the latest RPH download over it.
Also, you should make sure you are using the very latest RPH which was updated yesterday to work with the latest GTAV update.

If that doesn't help you should post your RagePluginHook.log so people here can have a more detailed understanding of your issue.

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