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this is my last question .I can play gta5 offline. but when I play lspdfr offline  wont verify lspdfr . so I hit f4 in ragehook and type loadplugin lspdfr.dll twice and still wont verify . what am I doing wrong. check topic here but didn't see anything

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Try this.

Right Click your RagePluginHook and Run as Administrator. 

It will ask for administrative privledges, say YES.

THEN HOLD DOWN SHIFT until the Rage Plugin Hook Menu appears.  

Go to Plugin Tab and tick off Load All Plugins.  Click Save at the bottom.

Wait for Rage Hook to load and get in game, go to nearest police station press E.    See if you get to go into police station, pick car, go on Duty.   Try pulling cars over with Shift and then siren.

Report back here if it did or did not work so this info can help others.

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