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[REQ] Custom Unmarked CVPI - USPP based

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I am looking for a capable modeler or group of modelers to make a custom unmarked cvpi.  It would be for personal use, although i may consider allowing it to be publicly released.  Anyway, the model I am requesting is very specific in terms of details. and i apologize in advance for the nit-pickyness.


This is based off of real Fairfax County and Loudon County Police and US Park Police cvpis. The body of the vehicle is based off the recently modernized cvpis in their fleets. And the lighting is based off the older unmarked unit lighting that still exists on some of the cars. It is essentially a upgraded version of the FCPD unmarked cvpi linked farther below here. It was hard to find some images that best showed what I would like, but these should work pretty well.


Basic Body - I would like the model to have a body like this cvpi - same wheels too. full details inside the vehicle would be nice.

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first of all, thanks for responding.

DSF or bxbugz's model?


dont they have several models?

Just use the model you linked with ELS 8, set the reverselight coronas on, problem solved.

which one this first or second link?




EDIT - added video of basic body.

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