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[REQ] Police Interceptor CVPI DETAILED.

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Hey there police car developers, I was wondering if somehow one of you guys could create me a detailed CVPI. I will have a picture.  For the pushbar I want it to be a setina pb200 in the picture. I would also like the same tires in the picture. I was wondering if it could have the LED mx7000 and the regular spinning mx7000 optimized for els version 8. I would also like to request if possible, a whelen talon attatched to the trunk, heres a picture.  . I was also wondering if you guys could add inside the interior a panasonic thoughbook, watchguard camera, whelen siren control, police radio, and prisoner cage. For the spotlight I want it to be the detailed unity spotlight. Thats it. I hope one of you developers could some how make this for me. Also, I have the skin so you don't have to make the skin.




-Thanks, Trevor.

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I can so this but it looks like it won't be today due to other things I need to do. All of those should be fairly easy to do if anyone does it.

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