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    I have an Intel i3 530 @ 2.93, I run the game under low settings with a pretty good sized commandline, Razor Game booster and a memory optimizer, plus I record my games and still get 30FPS. you should be fine...Try lower graphic settings, GFX cards dont make the game playable.
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    Scottish is right, I am keeping the midimax very. very private.
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    Hey all before I get stuck in telling you what this is just a reminder! You may not be used to seeing this type of file here but it's here because there is No section for it and i was kindly told to put it here after some time and effort (Thanks iconography! It now has a home)
    so bear this in mind folks!
    onto the file!
    Those who either live in Britain or have used some of the British vehicle mods will know that to add extra effect the battenburg strips have small markings in them. After messing with photoshop I've come up with some markings of my own that aren't the the usual hexagons.

    (This Image makes them look bigger, and the background isn't yellow you can add it to any colour you want because it's a fill pattern)
    How to Install them:
    Open the zip file and move the .pat file into your photoshop/presets/patterns folder
    How to use them:
    Open your photoshop, Hit G or click the paint bucket tool. At the top click foreground and change it to pattern and then select this pattern (It will look like a slightly messy white box) After you've made your skin and you're satisfied with it, bump up the image size to 5000x5000 and apply these markings to your battenburg. DO NOT FORGET TO RESCALE YOUR IMAGE AGAIN!
    That's it! If you want to give credits feel free however its a small detail and I can't really keep track of it if you don't.
    Ukippy (Making the shapes and creative a fill pattern)
    Adobe (Program)
    Iconography (Finding the file a home)