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[Vid] HEMS Organ Transfer

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Hi all,


We tried out a basic organ transfer from the Hospital on Bohan to a helicopter that was en-route to receive the organ.  


This was a fairly last-minute idea with very little planning, so hats off to the guys for their performance.  Enjoy!




For any of you beady-eyed viewers, the call sign was made-up on the spot and on later research closely resembles the callsign used by the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance, which uses Helimed-24.

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Nice! Great job :smile:  Your good at using SNT :thumbsup:

You didn't use the Euro chopper, why? :unsure:

Maybe add sound fx for the radio?


Thanks, we used the default chopper as our installed Eurocopter model has a Police skin and we were going for the Medic-Style approch with this one.


And the radio fx sounds like a good idea!


/CriticalFaction! :)

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