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Game crashes if your car gets shot by another player

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Alright so this one is driving me mad. My NYPD Impala has a bug that if it's back side windows ( misc_a and/or misc_b and/or window_lr and/or window_rr ) get shot my game crashes immediately. I've tested it out with another guy in MP, it's definately one of those parts I mentioned or all of them. The weirdest thing is, I can shoot the hell out of the car in SP, or I can get shot any time by the AI in SP, the game will never crash. However in MP, if some1 else's ped or another player shoots the car in those windows game crashes.

Anyone had any experiences like that and has anyone found a solution for that?


If you feel like you want to crash, you can test it out with my car, or even with Smokey8808's Ferrari California since it has it too (unfortunately even some other cars, but that 1 definately has it).


EDIT: I forgot to mention that all cols have the correct id, they are placed correctly, and as you can see it works in SP perfectly. (misc_a and misc_b has id 136 since it's not attached, and the side windows have 135)

I even tried attaching the misc_a and misc_b glasses to the window_rr and window_lr, however that didn't solve the problem.


EDIT2: Removed all rear side window cols, still crashing...

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Alright well sorry for double post, but I found the answer as it seems. I tried removing the rear doors along with the windows, the rear small little windows (misc_a and misc_b) but nothing seemed to work. So I started suspecting it's not those. And I was right, the problem was chassis [col]. It had a few zero id parts in zmod, so after I used a chassis [col] from an original gta iv car, the crashing stopped.

So there you go, if you experience any crashes like that, try checking all your collisions, and make sure there are no id 0 in them. Best to use vanilla cols, and trying to edit those.

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