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ELS v7 Working Only on Selected Added Cars

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So one of the functions they added in els v7 was the ability to enable els on added vehicles ( newveh.img, newvehicle.ide, newhandling.dat) but i can only get it to work on selected added models, it's like els decides what cars it will let work, and which ones it wont. :wallbash:


I'm running a vanilla GTAIV with eflc added cars (replacing some models with els cars) in a newveh.img. All of the cars work, and drive normally. But, when it comes to els, some of them don't work period. Police3, Police4, PoliceB, and Slamvan work flawlessly. But, i also have Police5, Pbus, and Avan, which all are els enabled cars but the els info panel or lights don't work. I press all the normal Buttons, nothing. But after pressing the buttons, if you get in the default police car, els switches through light modes like crazy and stops. Basically accepting what i had pressed in the non- functioning cars.


Anybody experience anything like this before? I'd like to have the added cars work but nothing seems to help. :pinch:

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IIRC, the only models on which ELS v7 will work are: those models found in vanilla GTA IV, police3, police4, policeb, and emerg1-emerg7. It does not work on arbitrary added models; I'm not sure if it has *all* the EFLC models, and you should check the manual.

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