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LCPDFR 1.0b Function Crash

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Hello! :) 

I get two weird errors when cruising around LCPDFR style :)


I get the GTAIV stopped working and needs to shut down.. 

This merely only happens on Shots fired callout, drug deal and sometimes mugging.


Any idea what could cause it?


My AdvancedHook.log shows me this :

[iNFO - 15:37:11] An exception occured
[iNFO - 15:37:11] 
Process: FFCF0000 
Address: 77494F (ôAÓ”'ëq)
Code: C0000005
Registerdump - EAX: 7E077D0 EBP: 662CED30 EBX: 0 ECX: 0 EDI: 7C2C800 EDX: 7C2C800 EIP: 77494F ESI: 8A4CFB0 ESP: 662CECAC
And my Scripthook.log shows me alot of these at the bottom. Nothing suspicious in the rest of the Scripthook and LCPDFR.log file: 
[ERROR] Native function named "SET_CHAR_WILL_TRY_TO_LEAVE_WATER" is not available.

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from the IV source I can tell it crashes during the retreat task. But definitely not LCPDFR itself. Maybe too less memory to allocate for the task. Can you try reducing the settings?

As for the other error "SET_CHAR_WILL_TRY_TO_LEAVE_WATER", you can ignore that.


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Well i did use the Large Adress Aware app to get GTAIV to be able to use 4gb memory, as i use Win64 Bit.  Same error occurrs even with lowest settings. And taskman tells me GTAIV does not use all the 4GBs of memory either. hmm..


No, there is no LCPDFR crashes so far :) Thats a good thing! Haven't had any script crashes except the obvious ones. ( Duplicate arrests, ELS killing lights and therefore removes a LCPDFR spawned vehicles, etc )


But what is the retreat task? Is it when GTAIV exits? Because, i have the AdvancedHookInit, which still causes the crash upon GTAIV exit.

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The retreat task is basically the "fast fleeing" task, which is e.g. assigned to all nearby peds when you shoot. As it's assigned to many peds it might cause problems by flooding the task pool. The exit crash is related to model injection by the taser and can not be fixed at the moment.

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You just need an better desktop/laptop. Have you thought about getting another new PC, maybe build one :thumbsup:

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Hey guys my GTA IV is also crashing but i'm getting [ERROR] Native function named "SET_CAR_CAN_GO_AGAINST_TRAFFIC" is not available. I have about 15 cars mods or maybe more but they can't be causing a problem because when i abort the scripts in game it never crashes after that. So i also have the first person mod, traffic flow and a simple native trainer that is not active all it does is hide the phone but the actual trainer never starts.
Last but not least my specs and setting :
Intel I5 4670k @ 4.1Ghz
Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC 2GB

8GB of Corsaire vengeance RAM

MSI Z87 G41 Motherboard
128GB San disk ultra plus SSD
2TB Seagate barracuda 
500GB cheap 5200rpm Japanese HDD

750W earth watt from Antec


Right if you need any more details of any thing just ask.
And thank you very much in advance for your help.  :smile:







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