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Police Helper Crash-Fixed

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I've been messing around with the mod this weekend and I believe I figured out how you can use the Police Helper mod, and the game will not crash. (I don't know if someone else posted this before but here is it anyway.) Before the fix, the game would crash after 10 min or so. After the fix, I played for over an hour straight and no crashes happened.


The fix is to go into the mod's settings, either in-game, or by editing the .ini file. There, you must go and disable the mod's traffic, world, and other events. My guess is there must be a compatibility issue between LCPDFR and Police Helper's events.


There you go!  :biggrin:  Enjoy using Police Helper and LCPDFR 1.0 together in unison. If this helped, please hit that green arrow over there to the right.

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I kind of figured. I didn't see it on the forums though. I just didn't look hard enough.  :tongue:

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