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SCRT70 - Crash after loading screen after trying to delete vehicle mod

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Intel i5

Nvidia GTX 260m

6GB ram
Windows 7 64 bit


So I have a speedometer mod, LCPDFR 1.0, Simple Trainer, and some realistic car park V3.

They all ran fine, except for LCPDFR crashing constantly.

I heard it might be caused by high polygon vehicle mods, which I had, and my vehicle img was 222 MB instead of the normal 80 something MB.
Of course, before realizing this, I backed up my Commons and Pc/models folder as I thought that "newvehicles" files was where the vehicles stemmed from, so I rampaged through my GTA IV folder and deleted everything with the word new in it.

I got a clean vehicle img and commons/data folder from GTA downloads, a link that was found on here, and plopped them in.

I launched GTA IV, clicked start, and after the loading slideshow it crashed.

I researched my problem, with barely any information being turned up by Google, and found a post on this forum. The guy just reinstalled his GTA IV and he was fine.

But I lost my retail disc a long time ago.


What do I do?

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I'm going to take a shot in the dark, but did you park anything in front of your safehouse? If so, you'll need to delete you savegame. Also, in case you need to reinstall the game, if you've still got your cd key you can enter it in steam and it'll give you the option to download it from there.

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I'll try to start a new game, will post back if it works.



The Gta downloads backup files were actually, I have Removing my save's didnt work.

I'm going to try and find the right update files, I'll report back if it still crashes

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