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better traffic flow system for traffic stop safely

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i have seen there are 2 versions of a script mod for the gta iv game
that have done 2 things

  • stop traffic or have them stop only when the vehicles rear is facing the car.
  • i have noticed not using the scripts yields better results when having traffic backup (which is sometimes a problem)

my suggestion is that someone script a better mod that has all cars stop and then slowly drive around, and the cars in and around the traffic stop are
in a very relaxed and processed state. for example if there is not only 1 lane oncoming and 1 lane going. and the car behind you needs to drive around you
and cars are coming the car behind you will wait till the other coming cars are out of the oncoming lane then will move and drive around the car.

and that would help the flow of traffic and also have the cars behind each other not wreck into each other.
that would help also

  1. it would prevent the stop of traffic.
  2. also if everyone in ai would stop about 2 feet from the other bumper no matter the situation. then continue when it was free space in lane of travel



i do not know how to code this.
i just figured i would through it out there for whoever knows c plus plus


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