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Having a and a Game!

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So I have a game with patch but I would like to have 2 directories with the different patches. I have made various topics and read various pieces about this .I have done it once before by an accident and also am not entirely sure how to do it even when I see the step by steps.






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Delete all your games folders and uninstall the game. Now reinstall the game and once it's finished installing copy the GTA IV folder. You should now have 2 game folders (for example, one folder is called Grand Theft Auto IV and the other is called Grand Theft Auto IV As long as the folders are not called "Grand Theft Auto IV" the patches won't install. So just rename one of the folders at a time to "Grand Theft Auto IV", install the patch and then rename it to something else before installing the other patch, now repeat with the second folder. 

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