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C.O. N.Y.

mini map w/street names

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Great :) Let me know if that's the one you were looking for. 


Negative - i put both files into script folder - no street names just the same ole minimap

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I'm going to be really nice and copy the part of the readme that you need to read, strangely enough: 

= Installation: = 
1. Make backups of the following game files: 
    - "Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcmodelscdimagesradar.img"
    - "Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpctextureshud.wtd"
2. Unpack the archive "GTAIVmod_GoogleMapRadar.rar" and transfer the unzipped directory "pc" to folder with a game Grand Theft Auto IV with replacement files
3. Download and install the latest version OpenIV from http://openiv.com/
4. Then open it from the catalog "Grand Theft Auto IV pc textures" file for editing "hud.wtd"
5. In the open file find the line "radarringback.dds", highlight it and click "Replace". Select the modified file "radarringback.png" from the downloaded archive. Click "Save" and Enter key to complete the operation in a dos-box.

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