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Fatal error DD3D30

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Hey guys, it's me again, I have yet another problem :(

After my last problem of GTA 4 not reinstalling, I had to reinstall Windows. After this, I had a problem with a driver which took two weeks to fix, and now it's working properly, I tried to install GTA 4 again. The install process worked fine, until I tried to run the game, when I encountered a problem: Fatal Error DD3D30. It came up with that error message, and a blank, black text box with a flashing white cursor, like notepad, except the opposite colors.

I looked on a forum, and found others have had the same problems, and I tried everything suggested on there, none of which worked.

Help would be greatly appreciated :)

Here is what the other forum suggested: http://gtaforums.com/topic/380310-fatal-error-dd3d30/
I just tried to play another game, and this message came up: 'Could not create the Graphics Device. Direct X is not available. [1002]'

I think I have drivers missing.

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